St Vincent de Paul Society

The parish has an active St Vincent de Paul (SVP) Society, with four current members. Regular visits are made to the elderly, lonely, sick and housebound. Financial assistance may be given in certain circumstances.

The St Thomas More conference has links with twin conferences from Kitty in Guyana and Thuckalay in India. On behalf of the parish they "adopted" children orphaned by the Tsunami in December 2004 and have financed them through their school years. They have financed projects in India where they have bought cows, goats, weaving and sewing machines for the villagers in an effort to make them self sufficient. They have built a well at Balasore to provide clean water for the village. They have sponsored nurses through their training in Thiruvalla and Palai and a technician in fisheries in Tellicherry.
The Society members provide funds themselves for many of the overseas projects but rely heavily on donations for the rest of their work. Donations may be made using the wall box in the church hall.