Book of Remembrance - December

Your charitable prayers are asked for the repose of the souls of -

1st December Delia Rabbitte Sean Kelly
Joseph Kelly
5th December Harry Pratt Maureen Bergin
Keyna ffield
6th December Michael Mortell Vic Bass
Roy Woodhouse
7th December Teresa Millican William Bond
8th December Kitty Fitzsimmons
9th December John Judge Kathy Lawrence
10th December Paul Doran Anne Halkett
George Murcott
12th December Cecilia Swordy Frank Carrier
13th December Frank Bergin Henry Spain
Peter Wilsden
14th December Sophia Rodger Frank Brady
Anne Marie Pratt
15th December Kathleen Delaney Olive Janes
16th December John Gibbons Bridget Dooley
17th December Mary Lynch Hugh Nelson
Madge Thomas
18th December Felicity Gluzinska Robert Salisbury
Maurice Green
20th December Michael Wehrle Sarah Bowtrel
Mary Wixey
22nd December Madge Keogh Patrick Boyle
Josephine Moloney Robert Holmes
Constance Fitzsimmons Edith Cheal
25th December Patrick McDonald Helen Riding
26th December Josephine Barnfield
27th December May McGarrigle
28th December Fred Turner Kathleen Welsford
29th December Jane Farrell Nora Heaney
30th December Kathleen Patterson Gordon Best
Michael Ryan
31st December John Berry Ernie Nash
Mary Carroll

May they rest in peace.