Book of Remembrance - July

Your charitable prayers are asked for the repose of the souls of -

1st July Sara Rebecca Rowlatt
2nd July Helen Broome Kathleen O'Riordan
3rd July Joseph Ledeux
4th July Helena Houghton
5th July Patrick Nelson John Smith
Anne (Kitty) Smythe
6th July Lily Miles Anne Mullally
James Gamble
7th July Constance Lees Elsie May Rodriquez
8th July Joyce Hoskins Diane Green
9th July Joyce Margaret Foley
10th July Michael Gannon Mary Williams
Frank Foley Grace Tallon
12th July Jim Geary June Gautrey
13th July Kate Stanborough Boleslaw Kuc
Annie Whelan Anna Lawrence
Paul Marshall
14th July Michael Flaherty Michael Fitzsimmons
16th July John Kelly Gwendoline Markey
17th July Doug Trapp Imelda Ismail
Pilar Perez
18th July Nan Harrigan
19th July Teresa Sauter
20th July Nora Liddane Maureen Miles
22nd July Michael Hughes Mary Power
Ethel Pearson Gladys Hehir
John Rooney
23rd July Eileen Cassidy
24th July Barbara McPherson
25th July Victor Lewis Teresa Goddard
27th July Timothy Healy Cecilia Moylan
Charlotte White Kathleen Drumm
28th July Margaret Power Mary Shekells
29th July John Francis Keenan

May they rest in peace.