Book of Remembrance - February

Your charitable prayers are asked for the repose of the souls of -

1st FebruaryCanon E McDonnell
2nd FebruaryDorothy Wall MM Parker
3rd FebruaryStan Szostek Anneliese Derrick
4th FebruaryChristina Turner Doris Shaughnessy
Betty Graham John Bournes
Norah Campbell Des Bolger
5th FebruaryMichael Malone
6th FebruaryFr A Meehan May Feeley
Janet Dempsey Derrick Soul
7th FebruaryFred Dempsey Paddy O'Dea
8th FebruaryAnna Mullan
9th FebruaryNan Preece Edith Roche
Basil Tennant
10th FebruaryJoyce Hill Gisel Branfield
Alice Lake Martin Conneely
11th FebruaryEileen Wixey
12th FebruaryPatrick Lynch Dan Wixted
John Murnane Bill Dickinson
Mary Davenport
14th FebruaryDavid Reilly
15th FebruaryMargery Ring John Feeley
16th FebruaryBridget Sullivan Anne Sanders
Pauline Davies
17th FebruaryConstance Nation James Reilly
18th FebruaryGeorge Daniels John Hall
Edward Morris
19th FebruaryMary Archer Olive Whelan
20th FebruaryRosina Wehrle Mary Lynch
Jean Sherry
21st FebruaryKevin Keating
22nd FebruaryRay Gifkins Elizabeth Mary King
23rd FebruaryCecilia Broadfield Bridie Revell
Jack Roberts
24th FebruaryHugh Rice Bishop Rudderham
Sylvia Allen Rosaleen Ward-Jones
Shirley Stephens
25th FebruaryMay Edleston Ned O'Riordan
26th FebruaryJack Johnson
27th FebruaryFrank Webb

May they rest in peace.