Parish Notices

Fr David writes:

I hope you are all well. I am very pleased with the way the way our on-line Masses have gone. Do please spread the word if you can. John Andrews is owed a big thank you for all the hard work and organising new material on the webpage.

Financial Situation: As you can imagine the parish is having a bit of a rough time financially, as I am sure many of you are too. I would like to thank those who have continued to faithfully support the parish during these unusual times. This too is much appreciated.

Daily Prayers: It is really important that during this difficult time, we keep up our prayer life. Each week I will post some prayers I hope we can all say at 8.00 a.m. wherever we find ourselves. This will enable us to unite ourselves as a parish in prayer. The first three prayers will remain standard, but the fourth prayer for our current situation will change each week.

A podcast of me reciting the Angelus will also be posted on the webpage. If you would at noon set aside a few minutes to say this ancient prayer with me wherever you find yourself and thus place yourself under the protection of Our Lady at this difficult time.

PLEASE NOTE: Baptisms, First Holy Communions celebrations and the Sacrament of marriage will be postponed, until a time that allows family and friends to gather safely within our churches.

Daily Reflection: These are being posted for a week at a time, rather than daily.

Mass Intentions: Will be offered up for the following intentions: Elizabeth and James Common RIP, Anne Marie Edwards RIP, Guy Louis Roison RIP, Mary Costello RIP, Elizabeth John RIP, John Sherry RIP.

YEAR OF COMMUNION - Seventh Sunday of Eastertide

Today’s Gospel is part of the priestly prayer of Jesus. Jesus speaks directly to his Father. He prays for those who belong to him. In other words, he is praying for us, asking God to protect us. It is the perfect model for our own prayer because Jesus is speaking from the depths of his heart. Prayer has been and continues to be central to the life of our communities. When we have not been able to gather physically, we have found innovative ways to come together virtually. What has mattered more than anything has been our desire to bring to God our heartfelt needs. In these difficult months we may not have been able to comprehend what is going on, but we have been able to pray. Even when that has been hard for us personally, others have been able to hold us in their prayer. The prayer of Jesus is not for himself. While we may pray that we will respond to whatever God asks of us, ultimately we are encouraged to grow in our relationship with God by our prayer for others. The fruit of our prayer will be seen in our reaching out and our tender love for others.


Bingo in the church hall on Thursday evenings is cancelled until further notice.

Hospital Request for Sacrament of the Sick

It is important that on admission to hospital, a patient (or his/her carers) inform the admission staff that they are Catholic. The hospital will not ask for this information, it is up to the patient to make it known and to make sure that a note is made. As of September 2018, Gloucester NHS no longer employ a catholic chaplain in an emergency. Please ask the nusing staff to contact the Chaplaincy Office at the hospital (or ring 03004 222222 and ask for the Catholic Chaplain). Thank you.

TV & Internet Masses

For those who are housebound or find it difficult to get to daily/Sunday Mass; there are a number of Masses daily on the website as well as on EWTN television which is Channel 589 on Sky. The EWTN Mass is usually at 8.00am, 1pm and 6pm.

You can also find streamed Masses via the internet on the following sites: (Mass from the cathedral) (masses timed throughout the day)

During Streamed Masses, or indeed during times of prayer, especially in front of the Blessed Sacrament, you can make an act of Spiritual Communion whereby though not physically receiving Holy Communion you can nevertheless participate in the Eucharist. The following prayer is ideal for this purpose:
Prayer for use for Spiritual Communion
My Jesus, I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar. I love you above all things and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul. Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally, come spiritually into my soul, so that I may unite myself wholly to you now and forever. Amen.

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