Mass Times

Saturday 18th August 9.30 am [Danny Harrington RIP]
5.00 pm [Hugh Greenhalf RIP]
Sunday 19th August 9.30 am [Polish Mass]
Tuesday 21st August 7.00 pm [Polish Mass]
Thursday 23rd August 11.30 am [Requiem Mass for Danny Harrington RIP]
Saturday 25th August 9.30 am [Lilian & Allin & Julie Martin RIP]
5.00 pm [Holy Souls]
Sunday 26th August 9.30 am [Polish Mass]

Please note that Thursday evening Masses have been suspended until further notice.

Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturdays between 10am - 11am and 4.30pm 4.45pm and at other times at the Presbytery (but please ring Fr Frank first on 01242 573128).